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Portfolio: My Place

Use the following list of activities as a guide for organizing your portfolio. Many of these activities have worksheets for you to complete, save and refer to throughout the college process. Place the completed documents in your portfolio behind your “My Place” tab.

My learning style

  • DVC Learning Style Inventory. Complete the 32-statement learning style inventory. Then print out your results, the learning styles and associated learning strategies for your portfolio. Diablo Valley College Learning Style Inventory
  • LSU Learning Style Inventories. Complete the learning style inventories on brain dominance, personality and sensory preferences from Louisiana State University. Print out your results and download the detailed handout for your portfolio. How can you use this information to your advantage in high school and college? Louisiana State University, Learning Strategies Online

Knowing my strengths

  • Strengths inventory. Take the strengths inventory to find out your strengths. After you have completed it, print out your results and place it in your portfolio. Share and discuss your results with a classmate, teacher, sibling or parent. Do you think the results represent your strengths?

Exploring my interests

  • Discover The Work You Were Born To Do. Answer the initial questions related to discovering the work you were born to do. Take your answers to your guidance counselor to begin identifying your interests, strengths and potential career matches. Find out what other interest inventories are available at your school. Monster.com Self Assessment
  • Who R You Survey? Complete the survey. Then save and print your results. Then click on the career areas that are highlighted in green. Virginia Career VIEW: Who R You survey?

Accepting my disability

  • Download the Understanding Your Disability worksheet [Word document]. Read the documentation of your disability. If you can’t find it, ask your special education teacher or IEP team for a copy of your documentation. After you have a copy of your documentation, highlight your strengths in green and write them out in a bulleted list. Highlight the areas that present a challenge for you in yellow and write them out in a bulleted list. Meet with a professional, your teacher or your parent to be sure you understand your strengths and how your disability affects your abilities. Write down some ideas for using your strengths to overcome or go around the challenges you have in school. Put the documentation and your ideas in your portfolio.

Setting my goals

  • Download the Setting Goals worksheet [Word document]. Using the tips in the article “Goal Setting,” write down one goal to complete each of the following statements:
    • This week, I want to …
    • This month, I want to …
    • This year, I want to …
    • In three years, I want to …

My advocacy plan

  • Download the Knowing the Law worksheet [Word document] and read the chart comparing the different laws [Word document] that protect individuals with disabilities. Next fill in the diagram (found on the second page of the worksheet) with the characteristics of the law in the corresponding circle. The overlapping area is where you will put the similar characteristics.
  • Go to the My Profile worksheet [Word document]. From the results of your activities in My Place, complete this worksheet that summarizes important information regarding you and your goals that may be helpful in planning your future. Make two copies of the completed worksheet and place one behind the “My Place” tab and the other behind the “My Profile” tab.

Reaching my goals