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Reaching my goals

In My Place, you learned all about you:

  • What are your strengths and interests
  • How you learn best
  • How to think about your disability more positively
  • How to set your goals to get what you want
  • How to advocate for what you need

After reading about those topics and watching the videos of college students with disabilities talk about their experiences, you still may have some questions. For example, maybe you have some questions about your disability. Your goal might be “I want to learn two different ways to describe my disability to others.”

Print this page and answer the following questions to help guide you through setting your goal and developing a plan. If you have difficulty setting your goal, review “Setting my goals.” You can also talk with your teacher or a family member to help you.

Q: What is your goal? (I want to …)
Q: When do you want to accomplish this goal?
Q: What is your plan for reaching your goal?
Q: What needs to be done first?
Q: What are the resources, assistance or people you will need to help you reach your goal?
Q: What are the things that may interfere with reaching your goal?
Q: Is your plan working for you?
Q: How can you adjust your goal or plan to make it work?
* Once you’ve reached your goal, take time to celebrate and start working toward a new goal!