Going to College

Transcript: My learning style


I learn best when there’s — I can be involved in what’s going on. I think my favorite college class was a class where we actually had to set up our own organization and I was in charge of helping manage the organization and produce an end-product. So, using that it’s — anything I can really sink my teeth in. When I have to just sit down and study a book, it’s not real to me. And so even when I do have to sit down and study a book, for me I tend to try to apply it to real-life.


I learn best when I’m in an environment where I feel like I can really relax and do what I need to do to be physically comfortable and when I’m around people that are supportive of that. And I guess, more broadly, I learn well if I can interact with others and speak about whatever it is I’m trying to learn and discuss something rather than just sheer memorization.


I learn best by taking notes as the professor is teaching. I can’t just sit there and listen without taking notes because I’ll forget everything once I leave. So, I have to take extensive notes. Also, when I get back to my room I also have to look back over the notes, that way I can remember it.


I’m an audio — auditory learner. So when someone is like lecturing, I do really well — lecturing and then I take the notes. I’m also really good at reading comprehension. I don’t exactly know what category that falls under, but when I read and highlight, I do better on tests than if I just try to just go off my notes or anything. So, it’s a combination of listening to a lecture, taking my own notes and reading.